Suspension Control Unit

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ECU for Mercedes Trucks, Automatic Axle Lift Control Unit (ALAC), is an Electronic Control Unit that monitors the load on the suspensions of the trucks and enables the relevant axles to be lowered and lifted automatically without the driver’s decision. ALAC reduces the possibility of over loading fixed axles in trucks using smart algorithms.

ALAC, which plays a key role in reducing operating costs, reduces the rolling resistance of the wheels, saving fuel and lowering tire costs. It also facilitates starting up on slippery surfaces.

Without ALAC, stationary axles are vulnerable to overload and lack the benefits of automatic axle lift. Axles that are lifted unnecessarily when the truck is loaded does not only damage the vehicle. In addition, it causes the deterioration of the highways due to the excessive increase in the pressure per tire. With ALAC, the axles move automatically according to the load condition and such unwanted situations are prevented

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