M14EX Container Tracking

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M14 (Container Tracking Device) is a mobile terminal device having basic tracking functions. It has been developed by Turkish Engineers to be used in container tracking applications. M14 Container Tracking Device finds location information of container by means of GPS satellites and by adding container details, it transmits them to the desired server through GSM infrastructure. One piece of this device is assembled to each container to be monitored and managed. GSM and GPS antennas are included in M14 Container Tracking Device.




  • Tachograph
  • At auto radio / car stereo slot sizes
  • Menu System
  • Visual and sound alert

Input/ Output

  • Gauge Input
  • C3 pulse Output


  • 8 bit, 16 MHz ± C, E’PROM, RTC


  • 6 digit alphanumeric LED display, 16 column serial dot matrix printer, driving license slot, illuminated 8-key pad


  • 8 bit, 16 MHz ± C, E’PROM, RTC

Operating temperature

  • -20˚ C, + 70˚ C (Storage: -40˚ C, + 70˚ C)

Supply Voltage

  • 8-28V DC (Protected against reverse battery connection and sudden voltage spikes.)


  • 24V DC, 70mA (30mA-sleep mode)


  • 648 gr.


  • 149 x 179 x 50 mm

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